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Learn Python in One Day and Learn It Well Python for Beginners with Hands-on Project The only book you need to start coding in Python immediately Project Soft English PDF Book

Chapter Introduction

Chapter 1: Python, what Python?
What is Python?
Why Learn Python?
Chapter 2: Getting ready for Python
Installing the Interpreter
Using the Python Shell, IDLE and Writing our FIRST program
Chapter 3: The World of Variables and Operators
What are variables?
Naming a Variable
The Assignment Sign
Basic Operators
More Assignment Operators
Chapter 4: Data Types in Python
Type Casting In Python
Chapter 5: Making Your Program Interactive
Triple Quotes
Escape Characters
Chapter 6: Making Choices and Decisions
Condition Statements
If Statement
Inline If
For Loop
While Loop
Try, Except
Chapter 7: Functions and Modules
What are Functions?
Defining Your Own Functions
Variable Scope
Importing Modules
Creating our Own Module
Chapter 8: Working with Files
Opening and Reading Text Files
Using a For Loop to Read Text Files
Writing to a Text File
Opening and Reading Text Files by Buffer Size
Opening, Reading and Writing Binary Files
Deleting and Renaming Files
Project: Math and BODMAS
Part 1: myPythonFunctions.py
Part 2: mathGame.py
Challenge Yourself
Thank You
Appendix A: Working With Strings
Appendix B: Working With Lists
Appendix C: Working With Tuples
Appendix D: Working With Dictionaries
Appendix E: Project Answers One Last Thing

यह स्वंय शिवजी द्वारा माता जगदम्बा से कही गई एक पवित्र कथा है। आप भी विस्तार पूर्वक पढ़े:
शिव-शक्ति श्रीराम मिलन (संपूर्ण भाग) 🌞

Welcome to the exciting world of programming. I’m so glad you picked up this book and I sincerely hope this book can help you master the Python Language and experience the exhilaration of programming.

And Much More About Of Hacking.

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