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Word of a Favour
Hacking can be extremely rewarding but it’s hard to find and read about the failures along the way (except here where I share some pretty embarrassing stories). As a result, since you’ll mostly hear of peoples’ successes, you may develop unrealistic expectations of success. And maybe you will be quickly successful. But if you aren’t, keep working! It will get easier and it’s a great feeling to have a report resolved.

Chapter Introduction
1. Foreword
2. Attention Hackers
3. Introduction
4. Background
5. HTML Injection
6. HackerOne Unintended
7. HTTP Parameter Pollution
8. HackerOne Social Sharing Buttons
9. Twitter Unsubscribe Notifications
10. Twitter Web Intents
11. CRLF Injection
12. Cross-Site Request Forgery
13. Shopify Export Installed Users
14. Shopify Twitter Disconnect
15. Badoo Full Account Takeover
16. Application Logic Vulnerabilities
17. Shopify Administrator Privilege Bypass
18. Starbucks Race Conditions
19. Binary.com Privilege Escalation
20. HackerOne Signal Manipulation
21. Shopify S3 Buckets Open
23. HackerOne S3 Buckets Open
23. Bypassing GitLab Two Factor Authentication
24. Yahoo PHP Info Disclosure
25. HackerOne Hacktivity Voting
26. Accessing PornHub’s Memcache Installation
27. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks
28. Yahoo Mail Stored XSS
29. Google Image Search
30. Google Tagmanager Stored XSS
31. SQL Injection
32. Drupal SQL Injection
33. Open Redirect Vulnerabilities
34. Hacking Tools
35. Burp Suite
36. Knockpy
37. HostileSubBruteforcer
38. sqlmap
39. Nmap
40. Eyewitness
41. Shodan
42. What CMS
43. Nikto
44. Recon-ng
45. idb
46. Wireshark
47. Bucket Finder
48. Google Dorks
49. Mobile Security Framework
50. Firefox Plugins
51. FoxyProxy

 अत्यधिक पढ़ा गया लेख: 6M+ पाठक
सनातन संस्कृति मे पौराणिक कथाओं के साथ-साथ मंत्र, आरती और पुजा-पाठ का विधि-विधान पूर्वक वर्णन किया गया है। यहाँ पढ़े:-

And Much More About Of Hacking.

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